Summoners War Sky Arena – A Random Luck Game

I can’t believe I’ve been playing Summoners War for about 2 years. It’s so interesting. Many friends of mine play this game too. We always compare monster that we got to each other or we summon monster at the same time. If one of my friends got a natural born 5 star monster that rare or some skillful monster, everyone gone crazy. We felt happy and envy at the same time. The actual happiness of playing a game based on random generator is about to get the rarest good monster. Actually I am lucky enough about playing this game. I’ve got 4 natural born 5 star monsters, 2 of them are similar and some skillful 4 star monsters. My friends were envy about that, because it is very hard to get 5 star monster, even if just one. If you ever play this game, you will know the feeling when you got natural born 5 star monster, well… If you are lucky enough though.
Here’s the awaken state of 5 star monsters that I’ve got.
1. Poseindon, The Water Sea Emperor

The first natural born 5 star monster that I’ve got from Mystical Scroll.
2. Velajuel The Fire Archangel (I’ve got 2 of it)

The second and third natural born 5 star monster that I’ve got from Mystical Scroll in just a week.
3. Teshar The Wind Phoenix (Unfortunately I forgot to screenshot the awaken state of it)

The fourt or the latest natural born 5 star monster that I’ve got. I’ve got it from Legendary Scroll on january 2017. I’ve got the Legendary Scroll as a reward after for the first time I’ve could defeat The Boss on the 100th floor of Tower of Ascension .

Here’s some of the awaken state of 4 star monsters that I’ve got.

Since I’ve been playing this game, I’ve also got 2 fake 5 star monsters. There are Khmun The Fire Anubis and Avaris The Water Anubis. Fake 5 star monster is actually a 4 star monster that already awakened and already in 5 star stage when it’s summoned. Basically it benefits me, cause I don’t have to spend any material to awaken or to power up it. But, still I disappointed when I got it, because it’s NOT a natural born 5 star.

My primary game is in Asia Server, but I play in another server too. My account in China server got a 5 star monster, even though it was just in level 8. It was so unbelievable.
Here’s Bastet, The Desert Queen.

Summoners war is the only game in my phone until now and I’m playing this game whenever I have free time.

My goal is to get another 5 star monster, especially dark or light element monster that’s soooooooo hard to get. Wish me luck…

If you want to see review of the monsters, you can go to

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