UP (2009)


Hello y’all…

This time I want to share about UP (2009), the animation movie by Pixar. As we know, all movies that made by Pixar are always awesome (actually, it’s just my opinion :D). The movie shows us something special, like excellent graphics, simple story, and good character. Well, let’s go to the Story…


The story tells about young Carl who amazed by the explorer. He very excited, he wants to be like them. In sunny day, Carl walks out alone brings a balloon, when he approaches an empty house, he hears a girl voice. He very anxious, the girl voice shouts just like the explorer. Then, he slowly goes to the house and meets an active girl who like adventure too. Her names is Ellie. They become a friend, they always share their dream each other.


*Mon Livre D’aventure is My Adventure Book

Ellie shows Carl her precious book, it is Ellie’s Adventure Book. The book filled by her dreams. She keeps a lot of thing there.


After they grow up, they love each other and get married. Their life is so wonderful until they know that they can’t have a baby. They’re so sad, especially for Ellie. After a while, Carl shows Ellie her adventure book. She reminds her dream to go to The Angel falls in South America. Then, they have a new aim to be realized. Every day, they save their money to buy tickets.


Year by year passed by until they grow old. Carl realizes that her wife wants to go to South America a lot, that’s her dream. Then, he buys two tickets to go.


Unfortunately, Ellie gets sick and she’s gone. Carl feels so sorry, because he can’t makes Ellie’s dream come true.


For Ellie’s dream, Carl has an idea, he puts a lot of balloons into his house, so it can flies away by the wind.


Just like Ellie’s dream to puts her house on The Angels Falls, Carl wants to make it true.


It’s just the beginning of Carl’s adventure to go to The Angels Falls in South America, for his love, Ellie…


There is a sentences that I like from the movie, in French


Merci pour cette belle
Aventure —
Il est temps pour toi d’en
Vivre une nouvelle

Je t’aime


Thank you for this great adventure
It’s time for you to have a new live

I love You